Introduction New Offshore Access Lift System

Introduction New Offshore Access Lift System

21 July 2016

OFFCO decided to introduce the new way to offshore access by lift to work instead of walk to work.

The OPTS is a transporting system that can transfer a limited number of persons from one position to another, from a fixed position to a mobile, or the other way around. It’s a new way to transfer and no other equipment like the OPTS has been made before suitable for the offshore and marine application.

Safe , Simple, Self-controlled, Supporting System for persons  to move from one offshore structure to another structure.  Not by bridge or W2W or gangway but by platform basket fully compensated and controlled by the operator as would it be a land base installation.

The OPTS give the users  a handsome tool to access wind turbine platforms, Oil &  Gas platforms, other sea going vessel , barges or structures.

The OPTS has the ability to move freely 360 degrees with an outreach of 24 meters and more than 20 meter in height above deck till minus 6 meter below deck for rescue operations.

The system is designed as a standard piece of equipment to be used on  every support or supply vessel  in the offshore. With an arm length of 9.0 meter and  a footprint of 8 by 20 feet ( 2440 x6100) the OPTS can easily be locked to the deck.

The OPTS can even be used for light lifting operations with or without heave and motion compensation.

Applied for worldwide patent.