Offco introduction

Offco introduction

1 April 2013

Holland is well known in the world as the famous offshore country. Although Holland is small country all offshore related activities are located in the Netherlands. The fight against the water during centuries create a innovatieve  and logictics strong country. Besides offshore oreinted companies many older and young individuals are working as one man operation. Offco related to those individuals and companies and aims to establish a platform for experst in the field of engineering to combine their effort. With focus and experience in the maritieme related equipment business. As an independent organization it enables individuals to combine their effort for a larger scale project.

By using the talents and expertise the senoirs will teach the younger onces the ins and outs of the profession of engineering in all levels of offshore engineering. From lead and predesign to structural engineering with the latest technology. From mechanical engineering to hydraulic and electrical engineering with the know how of the NoBo and the experieince to do the QA/QC.

With a breath future ahead,

Jan Rooswinkel