What are the features



The OPTS is fully redundant and safe within the boundaries of the operations.

  1. The outfitting  IS VERY SIMPLE .

  2. The weight is app 15 tons and foot print 40 x 8"adn can be reduced to 8 x 8" with special fastners.

  3. By the low weigth the accuracy is very high and safe to access passengers to any kind of structure.

  4. The reach is large from 20 meter heigth till - 6 meter below deck.

  5. Easy transportable based on HQ container and service frequency of 6 months.

  6. Easy to operate after a short training on side or by simulator.

  7. Accurate load liftign operations.

  8. Rescue operations and many others operations on board.

  9. Maintenance indication by full operational logging.

  10. Acceptable price level for sales and rental opportunities.

  11. Easy and safe to operate. Any unsafe situation will bring basket back to base.

  12. The operator can see his target and feels the movement of the OPTS.

  13. With remote control fire fighting operations accessible.

  14. many new ones to explore ……….