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Technical specifications

OPTS 24/400
General  Criteria  Unit Design 
Enviroment Sea State 4   Hs 2,5
  Windspeed  m/s 7,7  m/s
  Wave frequency Hz 0,18 to 0,55  or 6 seconds 
  Ambient temperature °C  -20°C …45°C 
  Storage temperature °C  -20°C …45°C 
  Humidity % to 95% 
  Estimated life time year 10 years 
Safety  Education and training    Simulator 
  Controls    failsafe two hands operation 
  Redundancy    full  
  Landing to target   double safety 
  Back home emergency    by captian and operators
Class  W2W guidance   DNV-GL Norm Dec 2015
Transfer  Max persons   6 persons@18 m and 4 persons@24m
  Basket/platform   Multi function with approach sensors 
  Heigth  m 20 meter 
  Outreach  m 24 meter
  Below deck  m 6 meter 
  Turret rotation    400 degrees
Lifting  unmanned Cargo lift mean boom    2500 kg @ 18 meter 
  Cargo under basket    1200kg @ 24meter 
Lifting manned (1)  Cargo lift mean boom    1200 kg @ 18 meter 
  Cargo under basket    500 kg @ 24meter 
Hydraulic  installed Power  kW 2 x 100 kW pressure pumps 
  E supply    690V/60Hz stabilized  DP 2
Emergency Back up system    accumulators 
Emergency Back up system    DC battery system 
Emergency Back up system    Hand operated pump 
Controls  Remote Double hands   Dead man button
Weight app  Weight gross ton app 12-15 ton
Dimensions Transport mode   40" x 10" x 8" HQ container
  Footprint deck    8"x 8"
Vessel  Requirements    DP 2
  RAO info    Feasibitily plot required 
OPTS  Compensation heave m 2,5 by 6 sec 
Fully active  Roll  ± °  ± 6°
Pending on location and RAO of vessel  Pitch    ± 6°
Yaw    ± 6°
Surge m 1,25
Sway  m 1,25
Accuracy  cm 10 cm
  Speed  sec 0,5 m/sec  < 60 sec one cycle>