Contribution to the projects
Contribution to the projects

Offshore Cooperation.

OFFCO has a lot of experience in the field of Offshore business with diffrent backgrounds from business development till operational services. OFFCO joints companies and their aim and efforts to establish new business opportunities. With focus to European and Chinese regions.

The projects shown on these tabs are a wide range of project involvements by OFFCO on different level. From first contact as aquasition to connect two parties and support the process from contract till execution. Mainly operating on request of a buyer or a seller OFFCO establish a solid relationship between two parties. Due to culture diferences between Europe and China, buyers and sellers need the intermedair role of OFFCo to garantee a successful outcome of the project.

In most cases OFFCO employees have been directly involved with projects shown as project manager, sales manager, service engineer, and R&D manager. By representing a wide range of companies with all their specific expertise OFFCO can provide the right connection between two parties.

On request we can send our trackrecord and specific information. 

The Projects